ICAA-NC Workshop in Classical Architecture at UNC School of the Arts

Workshop at UNCSA was a huge success with 42 attendees on Friday afternoon and 26 attendees on Saturday morning.  Many thanks to John Coyne, Director of Production Design at UNCSA, for providing the space at UNCSA and bringing the majority of his set design students.

~ICAA-NC Chapter President James Collins


Program Description:

This workshop, presented in collaboration with the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Forsyth Technical College, introduces the practice of classical architecture as a contemporary discipline. Traditional architectural design today encompasses work that employs the grammar of the Classical language and the adaptation of its principles in regional settings. This spectrum of expression is found in the full range of buildings comprising the traditional city and its neighborhoods, from private to civic edifices.

The workshop begins with case studies of recent projects that demonstrate how architects utilize the wealth of material found in historical precedents to inform new work.  Following this, hand drawing exercises provide an introduction to the vocabulary of the Classical language, its fusion of formal and tectonic qualities, and capacity for making buildings and places intelligible.